The ABOUT SPEED Exhibition was born from the artist's desire to express the feeling of adrenaline through his works. This new collection was fully developed for this event, which connects with lovers of art and speed.


" Intensity, movement and adrenaline are expressed in the generous brushstrokes that characterize Adonis Alcici's work since 2007. Passionate about motorsport, he carries in his work classic references from this universe with contemporary desires that project beyond the canvas, occupying other elements directly related to This fast-moving world. Its arrows show airflow, entrances and exits. And the clean palette of gold, gray, black and white also transforms from the viewers' different vantage points.

Its intimate relationship with yellow evolved into the metallic palette and the use of gold applied to the GT family's aerofoils, wheels, connecting rods, steering wheels and panels, which take on a sculptural appearance, previously unheard of in its production. Silhouettes and contours that mix the abstract and the iconographic, highlight elements that leave anyone passionate about cars immersed in the contradiction between static contemplation and the desire for speed.

Speed ​​related to a time with hands, numbers, directly connected to the sensation of permanent movement – ​​a characteristic related not only to motorsport, but also to the personal perceptions of Adonis, who exchanged life in a city in the interior of São Paulo for the characteristic rhythm of São Paulo and his landscape full of garages – not surprisingly, he also defies the contours of a traditional gallery in this montage."

- Vinicius Goy


We are grateful for the support of all family, friends, partners, customers and sponsors who made this event possible. Below you can consult the catalog of works of art available in the artist's collection.